Our Favorite Projects

Our Favorite Projects

Square Stage

Commercial-Retail Stores

As a full-service Interior Designer, Gleam House™ can provide everything from the smallest Store to the largest build. No matter what you’re planning, we’ll be there every step of the way.


Gleam House™ offers Our clients a full Scope of services to fulfill all their design needs. From initial concept to installation, they take care of everything. Call today to book a preliminary consultation.

Beach Banquet

Type Of Property




Office Space

Hotels & Resorts



Glass Buildings

Type Of Property

Window Display

Health care- Salons & Spa, Gymnasiums

Institutional Space

Residency- Apartment, Independent Homes & Villas



Office Interiors have evolved a A-lot as what it used to be.

We Help you to Make your Office Space as well as Novel which makes An Impression.


Apartment, Independent Homes & Villas

Time to Relax

Living room

Services We Offer

Interior Fit-out

We at Gleam House Prefer Quality Materials & Classic Finishing. We have team of best Service Professionals & Craftsman for different Materials & Finishes, to achieve Top-Notch Quality & on Time-Delivery. -Delivery

Conference Room

Turn-Key Project (Design & Build)

A Hassle Free way of getting your space Designed & Build from Scratch, Without getting to much into the process.

Our Team will look for all the process required for the project.

Scope of Work

Concept Development

Construction/Working Drawings (Design Docket)

Material Procurement

Furniture & Fixtures


IT, Data & Telecom

Designed Table Lamps

Scope of Work

Security & Safety System (C.C.T.V., Fire Detector & Alarm System, etc.)


Sound Proofing (Acoustics)


Glass Work (Facade Paneling)

A.C.P. Paneling (Facade)


Space Planning

Project Management Consultation

What ever Type of Projects It is, We Have A concept for every Space.

Whether its Residency or Hospitality, Office Or Boutique, Restaurant or Bakery, etc.

We Design your space and Manage the project & its construction journey to achieve Quality & Save Time