4 Door Wardrobe- G.H.- 01
  • 4 Door Wardrobe- G.H.- 01

    4-Door Wardrobe

    Introducing the sophisticated and eco-friendly Garment rack, designed to keep you organized while also has a sleek and Minimalistic look.


    Product Offers Best Fitting And Materials.

    Integrated With Module Fittings For Making Our Day To Day Life Easy.

    Designed For Daily Use Display, Storage And Lots More.


    A Combination of Top-Notch Materials & Craftmanship.



    • 4-Door-Medium- Length/depth- 750mm * Width- 2400mm * Height-2400mm


    • 4-Door-Large- Length/depth- 750mm * Width- 2400mm * Height-2700mm



    Three Step Order-Process:

    1. Select Variant/Size/Color
    2. Order & get Confirmed
    3. Get your Product Delivered



    Installation of product is a same day process, which is hassle free, fast, & tideous.


    • Product Involves:


      Over-head open storage, Hanger with Intergrated Modular System


      Under Slab sliding closets for accessories


      Sliding closet.

      Materials & Fittings:

      • Waterproof surface Boards with Acrylic Top Coat.
      • Outer Surface Of Back Wall- Base color Matte  Finish 
      • Soft-Touch Closet Fittings.
      • Handless Closets
      • Automatic LED Lights for ease of use, visiblity & ambience.