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We all have witnessed the value & Benefits of insurance, weather its Life insurance or Non-life Insurance. It may be our family/property/vehicle to which we care and Plan forward for its safety & Insurance.

At Gleam House™, We are committed to excellence. Since we opened our doors in 2019, we have worked hard to make sure our clients receive outstanding services. We can take care of all your insurance needs. Get in touch with one of our expert agents and let us start protecting you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

H.D.F.C. Life- Term Insurance Plans

Term Insurance

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HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Life

Term Plan


  • Option to choose a cover which fits your needs from 3 plan options

  • Auto balances Death and Critical Illness benefits with increasing age6

  • Get income payouts from age 60 onwards under Income Plus Option

  • Option to avail cover for Whole of Life5

H.D.F.C. LIFE- Term Plans

H.D.F.C. Life- Savings Plan

Savings Plan

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HDFC Life Sanchay Par Advantage

Savings Plan

It is a participating life insurance plan that provides an option to avail cover for whole of life (till the age 100 years) and helps generate a regular income and build a corpus to achieve the planned goals.


  • Life cover with protection up to age 100 years

  • Choose between Immediate Income or Deferred Income options as per your needs

  • Flexibility to choose survival benefit payout date

  • Tax benefits as per Income Tax Act,1961.

H.D.F.C. LIFE- Savings Plans

H.D.F.C. Life- ULIP Plan

Investment Plan

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HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth

Investment Plan

A Unit Linked, Non Participating, Life Insurance plan that offers market linked returns, charges minimally, provides valuable financial protection for you and your family


  • Choice of 10 fund options with unlimited free switching

  • Three plan options to choose from

  • Systematic Transfer plan strategy for advantage of Rupee Cost Averaging

  • Premium waiver benefit that protects the future of your loved one in your absence


H.D.F.C. Life- Health Plan

Health Plan

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Click 2 Protect Health

Investment Plan

A life and health insurance plan that gives your family all-round protection


  • 5% discount* on total premium on purchase

  • Customize your plan with a choice of 9 plan options

  • Whole life long protection option

  • Flexibility to choose premium pay terms

* Discount of 5% on annual premiums paid towards both Life & Health will be offered. If Customer decides to opt out of one of the products, the discount, if any, shall not be available to the Customer going forward.

H.D.F.C. LIFE- Health Plans

H.D.F.C. Life- Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan

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HDFC Life Pension Guaranteed Plan

Retirement Plan

A Single premium non-participating annuity product which provides a regular guaranteed income for lifetime.


  • Regular guaranteed income for lifetime

  • Receive immediate or deferred annuity

  • Take the plan on a Single or Joint Life basis

H.D.F.C. LIFE- Retirement Plans

H.D.F.C. Life- Health Plan

Child Plan

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HDFC Life SL YoungStar Udaan

Child Plan

A plan that helps you empower your child’s dreams and live the rest of your life as the proud parents you deserve to be.


  • Participating Child Insurance Plan

  • 3 Maturity benefits options

  • 2 death benefit options to choose from

  • Tax benefits under Sec 80 C & 10 (10D)

H.D.F.C. LIFE- Child Plans

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